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Learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself, for the greater good and help others who may need advice

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Live your best life by channeling your soul

Akashic Records Readings and Training for conscious People, coaches and other high creators

Would you like to experience more lightness, joy and flow?

Would you like to sustainably raise your life to a new, blessed level?

Would you like to know what is written in the book of your soul?

Get answers, helpful impulses and useful actions from your Akashic Chronicle!

Meet Carolin

I am an Akashic Records medium, guide and mentor with a focus on personal and spiritual transformation, expansion of consciousness as well as self-healing.

“I believe that you have the key to your soul and access to infinite potential.“

It is my gift to hold space for you and to build the bridge to your Akashic Record. I translate the messages of your soul and help you to understand the language of your soul.

My wish is that you realize again who you really are, what you want, what your potential is and live up to that. That’s what I’m here for. I am the channel through which you experience a reconnection with your soul.
Your soul communicates with you through your heart.

If you feel the call to get out of your comfort zone, to grow and to connect with your soul, then you’ve come to the right place.

I support you!

What topic do you need help with now?

What questions are you looking for answers to?

Are you ready for change, implementation and new opportunities?

The infinite knowledge and wisdom of your soul is waiting to be discovered by you and to fully awaken your potential!


“I believe the best guides are those who activate your own abilities and empower yourself in the process.”

With my gift of reading your Akashic Records, we build a foundation for a life you love living now and look back on later with joy.

Are you ready to go deep with me?

Here’s how I can support you


An AC-Reading gives you a clear, all-round view of your current situation. It shows you what blocks you and what it takes to move forward. Healing energy is released.


An AC-Mentorship is a deep consciousness journey to yourself and higher levels of your potential. It enables you to sustainably transform blockages, find solutions and consciously manifest your future.


Develop yourself personally and spiritually on different topics within a group. You can expect energy clearings, powerful exercises, transformation meditations and an appreciative exchange.

Attract your Soul Mate

This program is a deep and powerful journey to your inner man and woman to attract your Soul Mate.    You create a light, happy,  and sensual space that your Soul Mate is eager to enter.

Akasha Wisdom Universe


Current monthly topic July:

Rise to the Highest Frequency of Authenticity: Experience True Inner Freedom.

What my clients say

My Akashic reading with Carolin was amazing!

Carolin guided me into a space of deep presence and spiritual connection with such ease, almost instantly. I immediately felt an inner softening and that I was being held by divine love.

Bryarly Mc Eachern


Carolin’s mentorship gave me a clarity…

I have also learned great techniques to experience myself in a better way that support me to listen much more to myself and follow my heart.

Patricia Serena


Carolin knows how to pick you up where you are.

She explains everything very sensitively and has such a natural way. It was easy for me to open up, everything could flow well.  She incorporated a great deal of knowledge.

Christine Sandhu



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