Aloha, I am Carolin!

With my support I want to show you that you don’t need to be a super guru to understand the language of your soul.
It is the key to your potential development and your fulfilled life.

What I “am”…

A holistic being, who follows the calling as an Akashic Chronicle Medium, Guide & Mentor for personal and spiritual transformation, expansion of consciousness and developing potential.

What motivates me…

I wish for a more peaceful world with more conscious people, where we work together for a loving mindful coexistence and new sustainable ecological ways of living.

A world in which we don’t need a system and a dog-eat-dog society that tells us what we are not and cannot do. Instead, everyone lives and shares their unique potential with joy.

I do my part every day to get one step closer to this idea. My belief that this is possible is unshakeable. Love, mindfulness and gratitude accompany me in this process.

My part is…

To support great people like you to remove obstacles from their path in life, to unfold their own potential and to create a free self-determined life full of abundance.

The more lived potential, the more joy of life and inner peace. This indirectly contributes to world peace. Happy people do not wage wars against themselves and others.

Are you ready to transform your life with my support?

How I arrived at this…

Already as a child I asked myself significant questions and longed for more awareness.

Where do I come from?
Who am I?
Why am I here?
How can we live together in peace?

No one on the outside could answer these questions for me. I found the answers in my Akashic Chronicle.

As you can see, it has always been very important to me to grow personally and spiritually and thereby contribute to more consciousness.

My strength is my connection with my soul. This gives me the necessary strength, power and confidence to actually live my desired life.

In my early 30s I started to travel more. Hawaii was my main destination for many years, along with Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Bali. The experiences on my travels have expanded my consciousness. I was allowed to learn many things and grow beyond myself.

After my first trip to Hawaii, I started to clean out and give away and sell everything I don’t use. I wanted to live my new inner freedom on the outside as well.

Through my travels I have experienced completely new ways of living and felt what makes me truly happy.

I have learned…

… that the material world is not responsible for my inner happiness.

… that I can be at home and happy anywhere when I am in my inner peace.

… that it is my own job to ensure that I am happy and content.

… that flexibility makes life a lot easier because there is a solution for everything and I can master everything.

… that my life is much easier, more relaxed and happier when I listen to my heart and follow the path of my soul.

In Hawaii

I was able to expand my gift of reading the Akashic Chronicle. There I was trained as a Professional Akashic Chronicle Counsellor and later as a teacher.

Living my soul mission is one of the greatest gifts in my life. To build a bridge to the Akashic Chronicle and to help people become more conscious. With the side effect of contributing to world peace.

For my clients this means a reconnection with their own soul. Access to their own intuition and infinite knowledge. This brings an enormous expansion of consciousness and self-awareness into one’s own potential.

One’s own inner transformation becomes clearly visible in life and opens up new paths and possibilities.

I am looking forward to support your journey. 

Much Love Carolin 

An excerpt of my most important trainings

Trained Akashic Chronicle Counsellor and Teacher

Trained Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Certified Relaxation Trainer

Certified Huna Teacher

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