Why Akashic Chronicle

Before I share with you the possible effective benefits of Akashic Records Readings, it´s very important to me that your mind and heart get an idea of the Akashic Records.

What is the Akashic Record?

Translated from Sanskrit, the word Akasha means heaven, universe or ether. Akasha is the limitless space permeated with infinite consciousness of love.

You can think of The Akashic Records as a kind of cosmic computer of the universe. A huge database and repository of knowledge, on which all the information of the entire universe is stored.

The Akashic Record contains everything that has ever been thought, spoken, felt and experienced. Thus also the history, experiences and knowledge of all mankind. As well as the blueprint and origin of the universe and all life.

Likewise, there are infinite possibilities, life again and again consciously redesign and create space for future potential. In summary, past, present and future co-exist at the same time.

Each being and human being has a personal folder on the Akashic Records database dedicated to it. There is also a folder of your soul there. It is your personal Akashic Record.

Everything about you from this and past lives is stored in it. So are the present moment and possible future realities of your life. Each personal Akashic Record is part of the Greater Akashic Record.

Think of accessing the Akashic Records like Google. You enter a question or a search term and you will receive general information, answers and solutions to your question and the words you entered. 

The conscious connection to my Akashic Chronicle is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life!

What is the benefit of reading the Akashic Records?

    Akashic Records Readings have a positive effect on the body, mind and spirit.
    It´s a self-help guide. This has a very positive effect on the general quality of life.

      The most important possible effects:

        You will receive answers, impulses and proposed solutions to questions in your life.

        You recognize causes and connections that you to deep insights lead over your own life.

        You recognize and neutralize negative beliefs and associated blockages, patterns and entanglements.

        You evolve personally and spiritually and become more and more the creator of your reality because you are clear about what you really are want and what your next steps are.

        You recognize your potential, this makes you more aware of what your calling is and gives you the courage to follow it.

        You will experience a cleansing and clarification of your body, mind and soul. Your self-healing powers are stimulated, making you feel healthier and more vital.

        Your perception expands and your clairvoyance continues to develop. This expands your consciousness.

        You feel more and more inner calm, serenity and peace, which means that you are more relaxed about current world events and the challenges associated with them.

        Start your transformation

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        Get answers, helpful impulses and useful actions from your Akashic Chronicle.

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        Become a Guide of the new era
        Change your own and the lives of your future clients.

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