Akashic Records Translator


Read the Akashic Records for yourself and clients make the world a nicer place with your work!

Are you ready to heed the call of your Akashic Records and to become a guide of the new era?

Start: June 9th, 2024 Level 1

What can you expect?

My complete Akashic Records Expertise

A crystal clear Connection to your Akashic Records

A solid Training with Certificate


Find fulfillment in your soul mission and thereby contribute to more love and peace


Accompany people in their personal and spiritual transformation into their balance


Become a clear channel and take your life to the next level and live in the flow of life

The Akashic Records are waiting for you…

Our world needs powerful Guides of the new age.

Lighthouses that people can use to orientate themselves and find their own strength again.

The world doesn’t stand still. But on the contrary. It’s getting faster and stormier.

I believe it is more important than ever to become a powerful anchor within yourself connected to your Akashic Record.

As an Akashic Records Translator, you use your connection, gift, and knowledge to connect your clients to their Akashic Records, thereby helping them live freer, more fulfilling, and happier lives.


Training Content

Level 1: AC Reading For You


Access to your Akashic Record


New grounding, alignment, and vibration enhancement techniques


Current knowledge about chakras, glands and heart


Activation and alignment of your spirit body


Obtaining information from the Akashic Records


Transforming beliefs

You arrive at yourself, in your body and heart. This amplifies your intuition and spiritual channels of perception. It’s a feeling of coming home.

This enables you to communicate with your soul and to help yourself.

Integrated this for yourself, you are able to become an Akashic Record channel for clients.

Level 2: AC Reading for Clients


Opening the Akashic Record for clients


Instructions for Akashic Records Readings for clients


Dealing with transformation processes of clients


Use of alternative medicines in the Akashic Records


Practical time to deepen and exchange readings


Akashic Records Readings with real clients

You activate your soul mission and put yourself at the service for the good of all. 

You will learn how to responsibly accompany clients into the Akashic Chronicle, translate messages and guide them through healing processes. 

After the training you will be able to accompany clients for the highest good in their personal and spiritual development and to help them lead a better life.

The Training includes


10 Teaching units 2 to 2,5 hours each online live


Akashic Records Reading with a real client and feedback


Digital Workbook PDF


Q & A - Telegram Group


3 AC - Transformations - Meditations Mp3


Akashic Records Reading 60 min.


Recording Teaching if you cannot be there live


Personal Final Call


Akashic Records Translator Certificate

The Training is for you if you feel the call!

This is regardless of whether you are just starting out with clients, are already working as a coach or would like to develop yourself further.

Become a Guide of the new Era…

Get started as an Akashic Records Translator and accompany other people on their path of personal and spiritual development.

I share my expertise from more than 5 years of Akashic Records Guidance with you.

The Training starts on January 6th 2024!

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