With my gift of reading your Akashic Records, we build a foundation for a life you love living now and look back on later with joy.

All my offers take place online in English and German.


An AC-Reading gives you a clear, all-round view of your current situation. It shows you what blocks you and what it takes to move forward. Healing energy is released. You will most likely feel a lot better afterwards.   


An AC-Mentorship is a deep consciousness journey to yourself and higher levels of your potential. It enables you to sustainably transform blockages, find solutions and consciously manifest your future.


Develop yourself personally and spiritually on different topics within a group. You can expect energy clearings, powerful exercises, transformation meditations and an appreciative exchange.

Attract Your Soul Mate

This program is a deep and powerful journey to your inner man and woman to attract your Soul Mate. You create a light, happy, and sensual space that your Soul Mate is eage to enter.

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