AC- Mentorship

The mentorship is tailored to your needs and goals.This is how you get the greatest possible benefit for your transformation in your life.

We look together in the Akashic Records at what is preventing you from progressing and what it takes to achieve your goals. The Akashic Chronicle gives you valuable impulses and shows you possible steps towards positive change.

Your body, mind and soul system will realign and clear

Blockages dissolve on the mental level and challenges in your life.

This allows you to move forward step by step and live more and more of the life you want. We meet online once a week for four or six months. Your investment is based on our individual agreements.

What do you want to let go of, change and achieve now?

You feel that you want to work intensively with me on your topics, then the Akashic Chronicle Mentorship is just right for you!

During the mentoring I am exclusively there for you.

I only allocate a limited number of places for Mentoring.

Apply now for your Mentorship!

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