AC- Reading

Receive answers, impulses and solutions from your soul about your current situation and your way of life. Let go of what no longer serves you.
Invite whatever raises your vibration and serves your highest good.

What topics can I ask my Akashic Records about?

Popular topics for Akashic Records Readings are:

Relationship, love, sexuality

Well-being, vitality and state of health

Uncertainty in a decision-making

Worksituation, reorientation, soul purpose

Personal and spiritual growth, life goals

Somestimes the topics are related.

In an Akashic Chronicle Reading, it´s always shown what is most important to your topic from the point of view of the soul and what would like to be solved.

You will experience a safe space in which your topic can be looked at and questions answered.

In this setting it is possible for you to let go and to connect and communicate with your soul. My job is to pass on the messages of your soul to you.

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes.

Investment: € 190 – € 290

What is your current topic?

How does an Akashic Records Reading work?

    Before the Reading

    You set an appointment and pay for your Reading. We will meet at your appointment on zoom or whatsapp.

    During the Reading

    We open the Akashic Record. This increases your vibration. Then you ask your questions and I will forward the answers to you. After that we close your Akashic Records.

    After the Reading

    After three days I’ll ask how you’re doing. If necessary, you can book a short follow-up call after one an a half weeks.

    Are you ready for your Akashic Records Reading?

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