What my clients say

My Akashic Reading with Carolin was amazing!

Carolin guided me into a space of deep presence and spiritual connection with such ease, almost instantly. I immediately felt an inner softening and that I was being held by divine love.

Bryarly Mc Eachern


Carolin’s Mentorship gave me a clarity…

I have also learned great techniques to experience myself in a better way that support me to listen much more to myself and follow my heart.

Patricia Serena


I am grateful for the support of reading the Akashic Records!

In an area of time when I was doubting a lot, the Akashic Reading helped to bring clarity with my feelings/ emotions, and disarmor a stronger trigger.

Yanick Labuthie


The Akashic Chronicle Training was the right decision!

To be able to read in one’s own Akashic Chronicle and for clients, to get answers and hints when one is stuck, are so valuable to always come into one’s own freedom.

Christine Sandhu


My Akashic Reading with Carolin helped me to find next steps!

Steps which I need to do to realign with my soul and find the form of self realisation.

Gita Stonkiene


Akashic Readings with Carolin are helpful, deep empowering and liberating! 

Carolin is amazingly gifted in what she does. Quality of her work is wonderful. If you want to be seen, felt and communicated from depth of your being, she is a perfect guide there.

Amiya Pabarčiūtė


Thank you very much for the transforming AC-Circle!

In the Circle I was shown an issue that I thought I had already solved myself. I learned through this that a topic must be seen from several perspectives in order to be allowed to heal completely. I was held and carried. It touched me very much.

Monika Dill


The Akashic Reading was very helpful and healing!

As I received the words and messages, I cried tears of joy and now I am grateful and at peace. The messages felt so coherent to me.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible for me.

Doreen Ulbrich


Carolin led me to self-forgiveness.

She created a space for me to fully open up to it. With her enormous patience and endless great love, she holds a space in which gentle, deep, spiritual inner peace can be experienced. It’s still with me.

Sabine Lantermann


Caroline was taking me to my next step with her wisdom and clearness that was talking to me.

I was very fullfilled after our Akahsa reading. I can recommand her reading to everyone, who wants to go deeper into his heart. Thank you very much Carolin!

Maik Mönninghoff


During the Akashic Reading, Carolin was able to provide me with incredible insights into my life’s purpose and the next steps on my spiritual path.

After the session, I felt a sense of clarity and direction that I had not experienced before.

Bart Bobrowski


The AC-Circle was wonderful!

Time and time again Carolin manages to create a connection in such an incomparable way and pave the way to healing knowledge and to expressing the sensed truth.

Dagmar Anton


The AC – Circle was very healing.

It´s a wonderful experience to grow together. I always look forward to this room!

Traudlinde Raich


After just one Akashic Reading I can feel the energy flowing within me.

Carolin is gifted with what she does. I certainly feel and know what my soul wants. Now I can follow her easily. This is priceless. A thousand thanks for that!

Viola Sonntag


Carolin is my go to guide in times when I need divine guidance for my direction in life.

I can feel that the wisdom that comes through her helps me align my life with what my soul yearns for. She has a huge intuitive gift and uses it with so much love and care.

Heike Schröppel


My deepest intuition told me that I needed an Akashic Reading with Carolin. 

I could sense that she could understood my heart, energy and soul. With the Akashic Reading I feel a massive energy shift and closer to letting go pain of the past. It´s very hard for me to put into words how grateful I am!

Courtney Buckley

United Kingdom

Carolin helped me to organize and process my emotions

She dives with you into your tangle of thoughts to dissolve negative beliefs step by step and bring body and mind into harmony. Carolin encourages you to take new paths towards a happier and more fulfilling life. After each session I was able to breathe more freely and easily.   

Lydia Schmidt


Following my intuition, I knocked on Carolin’s door…

Two months later, I can say – it was the best decision for another step in my personal development, to come closer to me in a beneficial way, to be close, as it was originally intended. That doesn’t mean that my development is over, but it is now progressing in a much more self-determined manner
that is more than can be said in words.

Silke Jost-Koch


Thank you for sharing your gift with us and accompanying us so sensitively on this spiritual path!

I hereby share my appreciation for your wonderful Akashic Records work and your “Akasha Wisdom Universe”. You are consciously connected to the Akashic Records and sensitively pass on valuable information to us. I can conscientiously recommend the work of Carolin.

Matthias Malin


Since my Akashic Readings with Carolin, I got a new job and I learnt techniques to deal with stress. 

I have developed new strength and self confidence about setting goals I truly believe in, and being accountable to myself in those goals.

Sally Gillberg


The AC – Mentoring with Carolin has connected me more with my heart!

When I started my online mentoring with Carolin on Gili Air in March 2020, I was poorly connected with myself and my heart. Through the constant exchange with Carolin, I have found the way to my heart and now I wear it on my sleeve. Thank you very much for that, dear Carolin.

Daniel Gross


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